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Xpression FM 40th Anniversary Show
March 04, 2016 05:52 AM PST
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To mark the 40th anniversary of University Radio Exeter / Xpression FM (https://www.facebook.com/groups/432516383626199/) some radio alumni were given the chance to do some takeover shows. Tom Davies and I were once again re-united on the airwaves to do a show, featuring some familiar items from back in 2001. The 2nd half of the show has Tom driving.

The bloopers from the weekend, which i feel give my show an unfair allocation are posted here: https://soundcloud.com/kat-holbrook-1/bloopers-mixdown
I like the fact that we were told there would be a blooper real IN ADVANCE indicating total confidence in us old duffers.

Tom also has a real pilot show "Pick A Song" here https://soundcloud.com/wateracre/pick-a-song-episode-1-lynda-davies-george-luke

Green Eggs and Ham
August 06, 2012 01:07 PM PDT
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"Green Eggs and Ham", a rap with Tom Davies, in the guise of The Fat Boy Stomach Collective produced for the Born Sleepy show on Xpression FM.

Best of Seddonism FM '99
July 30, 2010 06:27 AM PDT

Just in time for the 11th and a bit anniversary, here are some of the best bits from the 10 episodes of Seddonism FM 1999

* University Radio Exeter, 100.6FM
* Weekday Mornings, 10-12 for 2 Week RSL ,
* Hosted by Mark, Chris, K.O (with Alex doing a couple of shows before we "killed him off")

What is Seddonism?
Seddonism was advertised as "high density mediocrity avoidance". It was based around items, sketches, chat, and music and to many listeners it was their (late) breakfast show. It was formatted so that the same thing would be happening at the same time every day, and something entertaining would be happening at regular intervals.

Features and Material
The features were created and written by me, with some relatively new ideas, and others which had come some way in evolving. The show had a regular format, so that every day at the same time the same thing should be happening. So, every sketch item had 10 different scripts, one for every day.

Outline of Show:

Big jingle
Often a parody of a film or TV show

Introduction (preceded by a rant)

Mark’s Birthdays
I was tired of the celebrity birthday thing that is so often spouted on commercial stations, so I did a similar thing, but with twisted versions of the truth.

Interviews From The Vaults
A sketch item, presenting a fictitious interview with a historical figure.

TV Trivia Triathlon
Our quiz- after identifying a TV theme to qualifying, the contestant must answer 2 out 3 questions correctly to win a pizza from a local pizza delivery place.

The Mark Appeal
A comic charity appeal for something for me. (See sample script)

Today’s Charity Case
Chris’ item. He takes a topical story from newspaper and presents it in a humorous way, using the catchphrase “...but not in that voice.”

Love Cafe
A pre-written comedy item, either of several short dedications, or a love letter. This is followed by...

Hate Cafe
KO rants about something that has been bothering, or hits the streets to ask people what bothers them. An unpredictable item, on occasion we have had a go at KO if she hasn’t found something to be irritated by.

Beatles Bit
A sketch item, where we look at how the Beatles might have come up with the ideas for their most famous songs.

A sketch item that follows the problems with the fictitious Exeter Zoo.

Challenge Anarchists
June 14, 2007 10:02 AM PDT
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"Some guy just came running at us with a bag on his head"

This is the first 45 minutes less music from the first Harris Masterplan / Challenge Anarchists show of URE FM99.

Harry Harris directs from the studio, aided by Alex Gener. The Anarchists are out in the field: James, Mark, Bob, y Marcus y Stu.

This task is to find a fish, and bring it back alive to the studio. It features the impressive appearance of "Mr Mange-Tout" - Alex Goldie, the nemesis of the anarchists. He was subsequently questioned by the police, as to why he was skulking in the bushes.

We did bring a fish to the studio in the end, borrowing it, tank and all from a friend of mine.

Subsequent shows were:
"Find out if a tree falls in the woods and no-one is there, does it make a sound?"
"Create a new religion" (We make one based around Tommy Dier )
"Find Russ a Girlfriend"
"Become the most famous buskers in Exeter".

The No Show / Seddonism Special
April 23, 2007 02:52 PM PDT
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This is probably the last show that I did on Xpression, in 2002 before I left Exeter and indeed, the country. I can't for the life of me remember doing it though.

Tony Devy is at home studying for some exams, so I join the No Show, Tom Davies' radio show. For the second hour I take over the desk, and we do some of our old items including, Devon Tourist Attractions and the Gallery.

All of them songs that get in the way of us jibbering have been removed.

The no show website:
More about Tom Davies latest:

Mark Seddon XpressionFM 30th Anniversary show - 26Feb2006
April 07, 2007 08:44 AM PDT
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URE Reunion Broadcast - 30th Birthday of the radio station

This is a recording of my show from XpressionFM's 30th Anniversary broadcast on 26Feb2006

Doing the show was cool, though it took a little while to get warmed up and get used to the new-fangled computer jingles then before I knew it, the hour was up. Tom Davies spent most of the show as my virtual sidekick down the phone, revisiting items such as "Smack my Pitch Up" advice from Rabbi Williams, and Stressbusting. I wanted to fit in more, but there's only so much you can do in an hour.


URE Reunion's highlight was a meal on evening of Sat 25th February then a takeover of the shows by the old DJs the next day. A fun night was had at the pretty posh at a function room in the Thistle Hotel (opposite Exeter Central Station). A pretty good turnout and was good to see everyone again (James McNally, Will Garner, Danny Lawrence, Tommy Dyer, Harry Harris, Strange Martin, Oli Adams, James Beatie, Nick & Lou, Russ Blandamer, Chris Homewood etc), it hardly seemed like any time had passed really.

There was a posh sit down meal followed by a couple of speeches (mostly Harris praising Frog who basically is the station) and a photo slideshow of " 30 years of memories". The memories seemed to be of either the current crop of DJs or lifted from my website (so slightly skewed in the direction of me and Tom Davies). Very bizarre seeing my photos blown up onto a huge projection screen though.

The night continued with much drinking and dancing, and I ended up sleeping on the floor at Russ' place. The next day my knees ached from my over enthusiastic Cossack style dancing, and was a little sleep deprived thanks to Will's snoring.

The schedule on Sunday:
9 - 10am Simon Petrie & Oli afams
10 - 11am Adrian Hobart
11 - 12pm Becky Gilchrist & Russell Blandamer
12 - 1pm Chris Homewood (The Chris Homewood Talk Show)
1 - 2pm Mark Seddon
2 - 3pm Harry Harris
3 - 4pm Jane Danser
4 - 6pm James McNally

More of my photos are online here:

Someone else's photos of the weekend were posted here:http://www.angelfire.com/id/kdp100/ure_30.html